I used to hand out a paper version of my Aftercare, but I want to veer away from wasteful practices – so I’m providing an online source!

Saniderm/Tegaderm Aftercare: (preferred)

Self Application (skip to #3 if I applied it for you):

1. Clean your hands, then the tattoo thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. Let the tattoo dry before application. You may also use rubbing alcohol AROUND the tattoo in order to dry up the surrounding skin for better adhesion.

2. Apply patches of Saniderm and overlap them to cover the tattoo completely, trying not to allow for bubbles.

3. Showering is fine, but do not soak the now wrapped tattoo, it may cause the Saniderm to peel off prematurely.

4. If the wrap begins to peel up, you can use surgical tape to keep it down, but if the tattoo is exposed, you will need to reapply Saniderm (preferred), or switch to Conventional Aftercare - picking up on the day that the wrap came off.

5. Allow the wrap to stay applied for 3-7 days straight, the longer the better. The longer the Saniderm is left on, the less that it will have to be fussed with. After those days are up, submerge the wrapping and peel up the Saniderm.

6. After the Saniderm comes off, you are now in the lotion phase of aftercare. Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion (Curel/Lubriderm) 3-5 times a day after cleaning your tattoo with an antibacterial soap (example: gold Dial)

Things to anticipate:

1. There will be blood/fluid/ink pooling under the Saniderm, which will stay trapped under the wrapping, or may leak out. (to be expected)

2. The wrap may smell odd.

3. The wrap may have bubbling/air pockets.

4. The wrap may begin to peel up.

5. The tattoo will not be presentable/show ready because of how gross it may look.

6. If left on for the full seven days, the peeling skin should come off with the Saniderm (preferred).

*Tegaderm is the CVS/Walgreens/drug store version of Saniderm

Conventional Aftercare:

1. Keep tattoo bandaged for 1 hour or until you can properly and safely clean your tattoo.

2. Remove bandage/plastic wrap and wash tattoo with Tatsoul-PRIDE Aftercare Cleanser/Griffin Salve/Aquaphor / liquid antibacterial soap (ex: Dial/Softsoap) and warm water. Only use clean fingertips when washing your tattoo – using a rag/sponge/loofah can potentially scratch and damage your tattoo. Lightly pat dry with a towel or just let it air dry.  http://www.prideaftercare.com/store/

3. Apply a very thin layer (a tiny bit goes a long way) of Tatsoul-PRIDE Ointment/Griffin Salve/Aquaphor three to five times daily for THREE days. During your day keep the tube in your pocket so that it is warm and simply glides onto your skin. If applied when cool/cold there can be small pieces/chunks of the ointment applied. http://www.prideaftercare.com/store/

4. The first three Nights before bed, wash thoroughly, apply Tatsoul-PRIDE Ointment/Griffin Salve/Aquaphor and wrap with plastic wrap. This will prevent sticking to sheets and clothes, as well as picking up lint or hair. Immediately in the morning remove and discard the plastic and clean your tattoo properly.

5. After the three days of Tatsoul-PRIDE Ointment/Griffin Salve/Aquaphor , switch to PRIDE Aftercare Tattoo Lotion / unscented lotion (ex: Curel/Keri) for one week (longer if you prefer). Apply a very thin layer three to fives times daily. http://www.prideaftercare.com/store/

6. Do NOT pick or scratch tattoo at anytime during healing. You may pat it if it begins to itch. It will begin to peel after a few days, similar to sunburn. Let it flake away on its own.

7. Do NOT submerge tattoo in water for long periods of time. Showers are fine. (Approx. 2 weeks) No pools, Jacuzzis, Ocean, or Baths during this time.

8. Keep tattoo out of sun during healing (Approx. 2 weeks). You will always want to protect your Healed tattoo from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These can fade and damage a brilliant tattoo very fast. Before spending a lot of time in excessive heat, protect your tattoo with a minimum 30SPF sunblock. Reapply sunblock as directed to stay protected.

9. Wear loose fitting clothing during the healing process so as to avoid irritating, scratching, and damaging your new tattoo.

10. Keep in mind that a tattoo is an open wound and must be delicately taken care of to avoid damage, so that it can heal well and look the best it can.

If you have any questions relating to the after care of your tattoo please do not hesitate to call (980) 299.3294 or email me at WillGonzalezTattoos@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.