Will Gonzalez


Will Gonzalez got his start in tattooing up in New York back in 2007; since then he has won a handful of awards, been featured in multiple international publications, and most importantly has created hundreds of complex and ridiculous creatures to entertain himself and his clients.


Will received his undergrad degree in Psychology from SUNY Binghamton (NY), he then moved to Greensboro, NC to continue to hone his tattoo abilities. He’s dabbled in many styles throughout the years, originally thinking that he wanted to be a realism artist, but eventually he fell in love with the “unrealistic realism” style that gives him so much freedom to express his true weirdness. He ventured on up to Richmond VA in 2012, and back to Greensboro in 2017. With an eye on a bigger and more fruitful city, in 2018, Will now resides in Charlotte NC.


Will’s work certainly falls into the new school category, but he utilizes 3D sculpting techniques to ensure that all of his amplified proportions are as exact as if they were based on realistic photographs. That’s where his fascination lies- to take the completely imaginative and ridiculous and make it seem as if it were possible to be real. He loves to travel and do conventions when time allows - and to display his off-the-wall characters. When he’s not tattooing you can always find him with his Cintiq in hand, sketching and shaping away at his next bug-eyed creation.